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Mother hears people talking and sees them in her sleep think


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Apr 9, 2015
My mother is 92 and in good health except her mind. She has I believe some form of paranoid dementia. She remembers the past, the present, and daily functions for the most part. She still lives alone and sees a doctor regularly. She seems to dream things and believes them to be true. She gets very mad if you try and tell her they are dreams. She says stupid things that an average person would know are wrong. She has minimal hearing (20%) but can hear the people miles away talking and she believes they can see her through walls and hear her. it used to be that these stories she tells made up a small part of her life and conversations, now it is almost all she talks about. People stealing her mail, winning lotteries and free trips and people across the street stealing her mail. She started years ago hearing loud music at night which she claimed was the neighbors. disproved! then a midget across the street at a local elementary school was in love with her and sang to her. Then he started being mean to her and was a drunk and taking her mail. As quick as you fix one story she goes in another direction. WE even went to the point of sending her money as winning which she uses against us as proof that I and my 2 sisters are wrong. What is happening to her mind. She can still remember when to put the trash out and everything else. She feeds herself, cares for 2 dogs and a cat and goes out daily with us. Going back to GP tomorrow and help. She keeps her house in the 80s for temp, hates water, does take valporic acid for seizures when much younger.