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Mother gone in nursing home today


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Nov 15, 2020

Today my mum has gone into a local nursing home which was very sad.

Today I found out by chance that the care home chain is being transferred to another chain after being in administration. The chain which owns my mum's care home is one of the big four.

I am a little bit ****ed off as last week I was not told any of this when I discussed placing my mum there with home manager. I just want an honest answer, do you think I am making unnecessary fuss over this or should have I been told?
Also does anyone kbow if upon transfer staff at these care homes are changed?
The home had a good rep in the area so that is why chose this home but if it is now changing ownership who knows what might happen.



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Apr 1, 2016
Hi @ancistrus . I can understand your feelings. I would imagine that the new company would be keen to keep good staff. Personally I think that good management is the most important thing. Why don’t you speak to the manager and ask them? I’m sure the manager is used to people with family members newly in the care home asking lots of questions.
I expect those with people in care already have asked the questions and it’s probably not occurred to the manager that you don’t know. I’m sure the manager will be keen to keep the home’s good reputation.


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Jan 5, 2014
Today I found out by chance that the care home chain is being transferred to another chain after being in administration

These things often happen on the same day, they are referred to as a pre pack, they go into administration and are bought out by new owner on the same day. For reasons of business confidentiality it is unlikely any of the staff at the care home would know about it until after the event. All parties to the potential pre pack would have to sign NDAs (non disclosure agreements) .

All staff will transfer across to the new business under TUPE rules and it would be unlikely in the short term that there will be any staff changes although there might be a different management ethos going forward.

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