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Mother fixating on things


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Nov 22, 2015
Mum was diagnosed in Feb 2015, 9 months after we first suspected and went to doctors and after 2 lots of testing by memory clinic. Recently mum has complained of a pain in her foot. Visited her favourite doctor last week who said it was most likely a trapped nerve and would get better in time. However a friends mum had to have her toes amputated a few years ago due yo sceptaceamia, and mother is convinved she needs to have her foot amputated. We keep telling her this is not going to happen, but she thinks us and the doctors are wrong. Also can't take her blood pressure - show writhes and yells saying it is agony! Is this common behaviour?:confused:


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Jul 20, 2011
I can understand why she might be worried if a close friend had such a difficult time - she is probably very fearful and just needs constant reassurance. Sometimes people seem to be more susceptible to pain and anyway it is very difficult to judge different pain thresholds - we are all so different. Does she have her blood pressure taken often - it is a weird sensation and sometimes I've found it quite uncomfortable - if she is having trouble working out what is happening that too might be fear.

Have you tried paracetamol a couple of times a day - just to reduce the pain. A number of people find that it does seem to reduce agitation which is possibly connected to low level pain.

From what you have said it doesn't sound as though she is just making a fuss but it does sound as though she is genuinely fearful of the things that are happening to her and may need a lot of reassurance.
Good luck, keep posting xx


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Apr 13, 2015
My mother went through a period of being obsessed by pain in her mouth. Over a period of several weeks she went to two different dentists on a weekly basis. X-rays and physical exams didn't pinpoint anything. Then just as suddenly as the fixation started, it went.