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Most questions about memory clinics


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Mar 13, 2012
Sorry, I know I keep going on about the memory clinic and some of you may know I've got a formal complaint in with the health authority that governs it, but indulge me and share with me your opinions and advice.

The memory clinic has been sending staff to our house without any notice to me and I'm struggling to understand what the purpose of these visits are. I don't know how frequent these visits are as my mother's short term memory is gone now so she doesn't remember to tell me when they've been round. But one of the carers has either been here when they've turned up on a few occasions. Last time she asked them if they'd let me know and they said: "We don't need to let her know."

I called the GP surgery the next day to ask if they were feeding back to them (I didn't ask for any details) but they're not doing that. I struggle to understand what the point is of these visits. Any insights?


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Dec 15, 2012
I have to say I'm at a bit of a loss as to what's going on.
Dad had a couple of visits to the local memory clinic, diagnosis, prescription for meds then was referred back to his GP and nothing more to do with the clinic. And that, from reading posts here, is pretty much par for the course, if not better than most.
And the clinic wrote to the GP after each visit.
In fact, I thought it was now protocol for consultants, after each consultation to write a summary and send a copy to GP and patient.
You say 'our' house so actually you have a right to know who enters it and effectively they are entering your property without your permission.
If a carer is present could they be asked to not let anyone in? The carers themselves are being put in an awkward position, aren't they.
Are they definitely from the clinic? Just being suspicious. sorry!
Apologies, I haven't checked back over previous posts, but if you have LPA you have a right to ask questions, I believe, and if your mother has agreed for her medical info to be shared with you, then they can/should do so.
Is her GP happy about being kept out of the loop? Maybe s/he could ask questions.
"We don't need to let her know." Can't get over this. Would they be happy to have their home invaded when they weren't there and so had a vulnerable mother alone with a stranger? Odd.


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Oct 10, 2015
I've had 2 pre arranged visits from the memory clinic and I was at home on both occasions. I think Dad signed something to agree I was to be written to with the diagnosis and that the consultant would contact us to make an apt for a home visit with diagnosis , and I haven't heard anything further. I would be very rattled if I thought they had called with out my being present at any meeting. I read the NHS online bumph and mine seemed to follow the model, first apt general nurse, second apt memory nurse, 3rd apt consultant. As stated above I can't see the need for additional visits and I would definitely delve deeper and see why you weren't informed.
I had a home apt with optician today and she arrived earlier than expected time slot so I was still out when she came, dad let her in and she asked him if I would mind if they started without me and he said no and this was just for an eye test.
I wouldn't expect professionals just to tun up unannounced especially with dementia and vulnerable adults.


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Mar 13, 2012
Well, I'm glad you all share my concerns and for all the same reasons. And yes, 'our' house is just that - my mam's, mine and my teen's.

When I phoned up after the first unannounced visit, when the behaviour of the psychiatrist prompted the complaint, I told the manager that I expected them to let me know when they were coming. She replied that Ma had said they were were not to share any information about her with me. I countered that this exclusion was made quite a long while ago, that she had deteriorated so much further that I really needed to know in order to be able to care for her or arrange appropriate care, and, finally, that on that particular occasion I'd been told they would let me know. She was adamant about not telling me. I pointed out that as a courtesy she should let me know as it was my house too. Still felt no need to tell me.

It's Ma who's letting them in & yes the carer is being placed in a difficult situation. Quite how the memory clinic doesn't see my mum opening the door to a bunch of unknown and random people isn't a safeguarding issue I can't see.

While I have LPA it's just for her finances and not her health and well being. If only somebody had told me to get that years ago.

I don't think it's the CPN: first visit, shrink, social worker, junior doc; subsequent visits appear to have been social workers only. But who knows? They don't let me know, don't tell the GP and certainly don't show the carer any id.

Personally, I think it's an a*se covering exercise. I've been begging for help/support with my mum (& my father when he was alive) for five years but my mum is extremely difficult and says no to everything that's suggested. So everybody backs off. I think that they do realise how vulnerable she is, how badly I'm managing, but nobody wants to say: "Missus, time for a care home." But when she falls down stairs, or poisons herself by eating a yogurt she hid in her bedroom back in March, they can say: "Oh we saw her last week and she was tickety boo."

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