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Morning shows the day...........?

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Today 7am. on waking. [before I`d even rubbed the sleep from my eyes]

Dhiren `What is this place?`
Sylvia `B*********s` [name of town, not a swearword, honestly]
D `Do we live here?`
S `Yes.`
D `We must go to work`
S ` We don`t work, we are retired`
D ` How do we get the money then?`
S `We have pensions`
D `How much?`
S ` XYZ per month`
D ` So much? We can go on holiday anywhere.`
S `Yes`
D ` Where are we going?`
S ` Nowhere yet. I need to sort the insurance out.`
D `Blow the insurance, we can go to Blackpool`
S ` I don`t fancy Blackpool. It`s too far.`
D ` How about Calcutta.`
S ` We could go to Calcutta but we need insurance first.`
D ` How do YOU know? We can go to the station and get a ticket. You make too much drama over everything. I came without insurance . I can go without insurance. You can get a train anywhere. You leave it to me. You make too much fuss. I`ve been all over the world. I don`t need insurance. I never had insurance. I haven`t got Alzheimers now. I know how to look after myself. You wait and see.`
S `OK`


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Dec 1, 2006
If only..

If only things were as simple as D thinks. :( Did you hear George Melly's wife on Radio 4 this morning? She rang her Admiral nurse for advice about a mis- perception of George's and was told " Don't deny or agree with George. You can't argue with dementia" ( I'm not sure if that is totally wise or correct. Sometimes you have to try and straighten things out for your own sanity!)

Hope you and Dhiren have a nice day, Sylvia, wherever you decide to go.:)
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Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
It gutted me the day my mother couldn’t remember my name when asked by a third party ….. It gutted me more when she told me herself she does not get out of bed in a morning until she believes she has mastered at least my name … what day it is and where she is are secondary ….

I’ve discussed this with medics and other support who suggest it is her vascular problems which mean she is at her worst in the morning because of general vascular problems … although vascular dementia has been ruled out …..??? (Alz + LBD for mum)

Sylvia, I genuinely sympathise …. but am learning with mum that it is not so much day by day - but hour by hour …… fortunately in these early stages … it is manageable … but still desperately sad ….

If morning waking really determines the whole day … then perhaps that is something to build on for your own sake????

I know with mum…. even just from telephone contact - her mood and abilities in a morning do not determine the rest of her capabilities through a day ……

There is an essence that such predictability would be a comfort in terms of ’management’ ……

Oh, for predictability, huh?

Karen, x

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Tender Face said:
….. It gutted me more when she told me herself she does not get out of bed in a morning until she believes she has mastered at least my name … Karen, x
This is a fine example of trying to fight back and overcome Alzheimers. My husband insists on eating a tin of sardines every day, [for his brain] and believe me, he never forgets.