More Bl**dy problems!!! Angry!!!


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Nov 7, 2004
Attempted to see mum on Wednesday evening and to cut a long story short I was stopped from going in. I then lost my temper with the care assistant. Anyway I've written to the manager and told him I will have no hesitation in seeking legal advice to see my mum WITHOUT having a nurse sit in the room with me and watch me. BAST*RDS!

Second I've been to the doctors this morning and after 2 blood tests it turns out I have raised Haemoglobin levels so I've been referred to a Haemotologist. After doing my research on the net it turns out that my blood disorder can be the result of Psychological stress!!!!

Because of their false allegation and the strees it put me under the dam bit*hes have now given me a blood disorder. Boy am I going to sue them for every penny they've got!!!

Sorry I just needed to let off some steam.
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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex
I am so sorry to hear of yet more problems for you, but you must try to calm down a bit, for both you and your Mum's sake.

I know it is so easy for me to sit here and say this, but by losing your temper with the staff, although fully justified, you have given them more ammo to use against you and that will make a bad situation even worse.

I totally agree with you getting legal advice re visiting, but please tread very carefully to avoid leaving yourself open to being banned from the premises altogether.

The time you have left with your Mum is so very precious, I know, so you must try not to lose even the restricted contact you have with her, as wrong as that is.

Take care of yourself, please and I sincerely hope this matter is resolved as a matter of urgency, for both your sakes.



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May 20, 2004
It sounds like the bridges are well and truly burned Steve! Moving Mum is not an easy option but maybe this latest development is going to help you decide. As Kathleen says you have got to try and keep calm and rise above their provocations. If you are not well then no doubt this will be harder than ever but you must not give them any ammunition. Your time together is precious whether alone or supervised. Try to stay focused on Mum, stuff them!



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Aug 23, 2005
Dear Shakey

I don't know the history but have you visited your Mum with a colleague - perhaps this would be "allowed" and eliminate the need for a nurse to sit in.

They could give you moral support on entering the premises as well, which may help your stress levels.

Don't come down to their level - rise above it, stay reasonable even if it makes you choke.

It just goes to show that we all need to keep the staff on our side - not always easy. Fortunately, I don't have any major concerns - but even my slight concerns cause me major worry about how to raise them without upsetting the staff!

Best wishes