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Jul 11, 2007
Hi All,
I have been going through another rough time with in home respite care for Mum. It seems here in Queensland, Australia. the agencies would prefer to have our loved ones in permanent care rather than us caring for them at home. Explanation ...
I am asking for 1 day a week respite(which I had before my surgery )and I now have to have Mum assessed all over again. We had one assessment on Wednesday at her GP. recommending respite, and her file is on all their computers so I fail to understand the system, once again.
I always thought,I was helping ,in a way, by having Mum at home and freeing up urgently needed beds in residential care homes, also wanting to have Mum at home, until absolutely necessary, was the way to go, but the system makes it hard.
One of the first questions I am asked is , do you have your Mum registered for permanent care? answer, yes, but we want her to be us as long as possible,as does she.

Once again, thank you all at T.P. for hearing my gripe I will keep you posted on the outcome of next assessment.
Best wishes,

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Paris, it`s good to hear from you again. I hope you are making a steady recovery.

It seems some schools of thought feel it`s easier, more practical and financially prudent to keep as many dementia sufferers as possible under one roof and one system of care. It may be so, but these are the people who have no respect for the individual wishes of the family.

I hope you have the strength to keep fighting for support to care for your mother at home. Let us know.

Love xx

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