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elizabeth hc

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Oct 31, 2012
The only way I can cope with my husbands strange train of thought is to agree with everything he says. This is driving me mad as some of his ideas are ridiculous It is better than an argument as we end up going in circles He has started giving money, quite a lot to family members he has decided are in dire need. Not true I am probably wittering on but It is difficult to talk to anyone so talking point is great for letting of steam thanks:


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Oct 28, 2013
Hello elizabeth hc welcome to talking point, you are doing the right thing agreeing with everything your hubby says, no easy l know it does save the upset of arguing. I only give my hubby £20 he hides it then can't find it, then he says someone has stolen his money, l know his hiding places, then l give it back to him, this happens every day. What fun we have !!! Keep posting always someone here to talk too.


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Apr 24, 2013
My first posts here Elizabeth were because my husband was giving hundreds of pounds to a distant relative. He was being exploited but believed he was making an investment in this mans future. I was driven to despair by circuitous arguments trying to make him understand what was going on.

The advice I was given was to withdraw money sources and as the money dried up the scammer would fade away. It didn't happen overnight but that's what I did. I took away his bank card "for safe keeping" and made sure he never had more than £20 usually as two tenners or two fives and a tenner to make him feel as if he had money. The culprit still got some of that from him but it definitely made a difference and as he became more confused and to be blunt boring it wasn't worth the effort of scamming him.

One of the worst episodes of our marriage and I am glad it has ended. I know your frustration.