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Mom with dementia


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Jan 6, 2016
My mother has early signs of dementia and she has been experiencing panic/anxiety attacks for about six months or else seems fine. She has trouble coming up with names and often misplaces things here and there. I am thinking of contacting an assisted living centre in California(Prestige Care) who are ready to provide full time nursing care which is near us. But I don’t know how she might react when I tell about this to her. I just want my mom to be in a place that gives her the same kind of care that she gets here. I am really confused and don’t know how to deal this situation.


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi Markedmon
welcome to TP :)
Does your mum have a diagnosis? as there are other causes of similar symptoms - so definitely worth having a discussion with her doctor/consultant - there may also be meds to help her anxiety
Certainly worth chatting with your mum about where she lives and whether she might consider such a move - remember, though, that unless she lacks capacity, the decision is hers. Maybe show her the information you have and plan a visit together so that you both get an idea of the merits of a move over staying in her current home.
My guess is, it's quite early days in your mum's situation - so take time to look at how things are and how your mum thinks and feels - we all worry about the future; but remember to live in today and make the most of each day
apologies if I've misread your post


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Jul 16, 2015
It's bit unclear where you and your mum are living in the world. Are you talking about one of the California's that is in the UK? And where is your mum living at the moment?

From what you have said, it doesn't sound as if your mum needs full time nursing care at the moment, but does need some support. Is she currently in her own house? Does she have carers visiting? What kind of services does the assisted living centre provide? Is there finance in place to pay if she moves there?
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