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Mom undiagnosed


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Jun 29, 2022
My mom is 76 until 2020 she was very active independent, then in covid she started showing signs of anxiety like most of the seniors did. In Aug she went for hemorrhoids surgery and then got low sodium since then she has anxiety all the time. She knows she is not like before. Her memory has sharpened in these years she remembers everything but the only thing she says my mind is numb I am not like before. She is in India doctors have given many medicines ,all her tests are normal . So they haven't been able to diagnose anything yet but she is on olanzapine which makes her sleepy. Any one ever experienced anything like this


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Hi @Sajal and welcome to Talking Point.
Does your mum still have low sodium levels? This is one of the things that can cause dementia-like symptoms and brain fog.