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MMSE I know it's only a number - but have we won the booby prize?


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
I know the MMSE is very much about how someone is on the day (or even the time of that day) but I remember stumbling on some "average annual decline" statistics when I was desperately searching for info a while ago (in the days before I discovered that the most useful info for carers is to be found on TP).

Mum's has fallen by 20 in the last 11 months. She supposedly has mixed AD/VD. Don't remember the exact stats but a fall of 20 was certainly massively above "average" for either AD or VD.

Thinking about the decline in her "activities of daily living" etc makes me cry so will distract myself by trying to succeed at something, even if only winning the MMSE booby prize.

Can anyone beat a decline of 20 points?


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Oct 19, 2009
As you say, it depends on a number of factors on the day. I found it depended too on my husband's willingness to co-operate. And on who administered the test. He once scored 0 long before he actually scored 0 (if you follow me), because the test was being administered by an extremely soft-spoken lady doctor - and William couldn't hear a single word she said! The test was repeated by his consultant a month later and he did much better, his score was still under 10, but not 0!

I would go more on how things are day to day - if there is a persistant decline.