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Mixed dementia


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Jul 1, 2022
My mother in law has just been diagnosed with mixed dementia. She is 88 years old and has pretty much lost her mobility and any independence. Currently in a very good hospital ward with a brilliant consultant. There is talk of her coming home after a further period of rehab in a NHS care bed in a care home for a few weeks.
However I have concerns about what kind of package of care she would need. She is very frail, confused, sometimes lucid, other times completely detached. She is now on Memantine which I understand may help in the short term. However I have now sense of how this degeneration will progress as I know the drug doesn't reverse decline.
I am trying to understand what her outlook is given her age and general frailty. I want to support my partner as we take in this new information. The warning signs have been there for a few months but at least we now have a diagnosis.


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Aug 31, 2003
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I’m sorry to read about your mother in law. There should be a an assessment of her needs before she leaves hospital. If the decision is that she goes to rehab then I would imagine the same process would take place when they consider discharging her from her placement there. It sounds as if your MIL would need a high level of care after rehab. I would make sure that you have input into any discussions about her returning home.

This is a link to a Society factsheet about discharge -



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May 24, 2021
hi i am sorry to hear about your situation- it is a really difficult time- my mum was in a similar situation, totally immobile , not lucid etc etc and everything seemed so hopeless and sad and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made sometimes ones you would rather not chose- i had hosp docter telling me mum could not be cared for at home and this was the thing that broke my heart but in a way i was pleased that someone had acknowledged mum,s situation and a social worker telling me she could with carers twice daily- i took the drs advice and within weeks mum needed 24/7 care- turning every 2hrs etc etc- you have a good consultant i would follow his lead -i wish id had someone who would tell me how it was and what to expect because the two opinions have left me in turmoil still 9 months after my mum passed - it will progress you know this - all i can advise is make sure this package of care really is what your mil needs and get further advice regarding it -admiral nurses are good for this, i should have got more advice regarding mum and regret it i wish you all the bestx