Mium has had a fall


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Jun 13, 2008
Yesterday evening we took mum out for dinner- getting back into the car Mum could not grasp that she needed to put her bottom in first and "swivel" and as a result of this fell onto the ground. Ian managed to get her up on the second attempt- like lifting a dead weight as no help from mum and her arthritic knees!
Back at home I filled out an accident form and the deputy manager was going to check mum out before bed and bring forward her bath night from Wednesday to Monday(to check for bruising)
Rang this morning at 8.40 am and Mum still not down for breakfast:confused:- Nurse goes up and mum says she is a bit stiff as a result of all the walking she did yesterday:rolleyes:
No recollection of the fall whatsoever- who knows how many falls she has no recollection of???

Thankfully nothing broken this time:)

Love Julie xx


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May 19, 2010
West Yorks
Oh how awful Julie. Glad she's alright. I'm sure you'd be informed if mum had fallen in the home, wd be in the accident book. Hope next time you go out nothing so traumatic happens. best wishes XXXX


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Nov 28, 2005
It seems the Home are very caring and hopefully will keep an eye on your Mum and any after effects.

I hope this does not deter you from taking her out again, especially if she enjoys those times.


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Jun 13, 2008
This will not deter us from taking her out again as she loves going out and having her so local to us makes it so much easier:):)- We will just have to be more careful. The home has no documented falls(having not witnessed any)- Mum seems to think she may have hurt her shoulder in a fall?? As she is still mobile enough to get to her room and use her own loo- this may have happened there and mum managed to get herself up?? Short term memory shot to pieces I am sad to say:(:(

Julie xx


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
I'm glad to read that mum doesn't appear to have hurt herself Julie. As you say she will have no recollection of the fall - you and Ian are probably more traumatised than her!


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Sep 27, 2006
My husband has no recollection of the countless falls he has.

When I mentioned to the staff at Ken's care home that I had problems getting him in and out of the car they unearthed a swivel seat to put in the car so I could swing his legs around once he was in the car and swing them out when getting him out of the car.

It is a flat object, not very big and sits on the car seat. I wonder if this aid would help you get your mum in and out a little more easily.

I don't take Ken out anymore for two reasons. I think he may be in pain when we go over speed bumps in the car and bumps/kerbs on the pavement when in the wheelchair as he shouts out and is obviously disturbed and distressed when going over any slightly uneven ground and secondly I would be terrified of him falling whilst getting him in and out of the car. As you describe so well, getting a dead weight back up and onto their feet would be beyond my strength and I would be so upset if he had injured himself.



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Apr 28, 2009
Dear Julie,

As my mother's mobility deteriorated it became a nightmare to take her out. Getting her into the car was quite a palaver. I remember one occasion where I had (slightly) illegally parked in order to take her to the doctor. I parked as close as I could as she could only shuffle. On our return to the car there were two police officers standing in front of my car. I waved to attract their attention and took a further 5 mins to reach them. Fortunately they saw my difficulties and let me off!

Finally it became impossible to take her out anymore which saddens me but, by God we had fun while it lasted!