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Missing time and really forgetful about dates and library book renewals.

Philip Cole

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May 30, 2015
''Missing time and really forgetful about dates and library book renewals.''

Although i an experiencing these symptoms, on a daily level i can function and apply myself to designated tasks.

About 7 months ago i underwent surgery to have almost all of my Colon removed together with some of my small intestine. Prior to the op they had taken biopsies and didn't find cancer but the surgeon was concerned due to the size of the tumours and considered that they could be cancerous due to the size and the number i had in my Colon. He stated that during the process of taking the biopsies, they had only sampled a small portion and some was too dangerous to remove.

I had the surgery and for the first 5 days was really ill. By the end of the 5th day my bowel had started to function and i stopped feeling sick and could eat light meals.

The problems have occurred since the surgery. I had a really good memory, had 15 books out from the library and was never late in renewing them. Since i have been accumulating large fines and have lost my perception of time in relationship to past experiences.

My doctor is sending me for a scan but will it show up any abnormalities. The surgery should've only taken 3 to 4 hours tops. i was anaesthetised just before 9am after they struggled placing an epidural into my spine. They gave up on that and put me to sleep. When i awoke i had a nurse at my side monitoring me, I asked her how long had i been here, she replied you have just come out of surgery. The time was 16.45; that's 7.5 hours. No Colon resection should take so long. They did not state that anything was wrong but neither did they account for that time that had elapsed. Since then and it is becoming more noticeable is the lapses in my memory and how forgetful i can be.

I will just have to see if the scan reveals anything!
The good news was that it wasn't cancer.
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Dec 11, 2013
Hi Philip and welcome to TP :)

I'm sorry you've had such a bad time. As you say, good that it wasn't cancer :)

As to your forgetfulness, I know this can be such a worry. Hopefully the scan will give you some useful information. In the meantime, try not to worry ( easy for me to say, I know). Stress can cause memory and 'time lapse' problems, as can anaesthetics, shock and all manner of things such as vitamin deficiencies. So your problems may well be caused by something treatable.

I hope you have some support from family or friends and that the medics can get something sorted out soon.

All the best :)

Lindy xx