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Midnight habits

Lynn b

Registered User
Jan 8, 2014
Hi can someone tell me how to deal with mum, she gets up in the early hours all dressed and thinks she is going out, dad shouts at her and i understand why but it breaks my heart, he is 76 and i worry it will all take ots toil, she goes back to bed but dad is tired, how do we deal with this? I live thirty miles away and she doesnt speak on the phone anymore and has started forgetting my name, hiw can i help dad if she forgets me?


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May 18, 2014
Really hard to deal with and I know how your father must be feeling. Is your mother on any prescribed medication, doesn't always help though but worth talking to gp. when mum did/sometimes still does, we tried a herbal remedy, it was always easy for mum to fall asleep, staying asleep and in bed for more than 3 hours was the problem, so in the end I turned to our gp.