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Messages losts due to login problem


Registered User
Apr 1, 2003
Here is the problem, hopefully a solution will follow.

I have noticed that when you first access the board from the links that are forwarded by email, that there is no immediate request to log in. It is also not obvious how to login via this first page.

So after accessing the forum via the email links, I click on post message to post a new message, or reply. The forum tells me that I am not logged in, and provides the login in screen. So I login.

The problem is that when I now type a message or reply and click on Submit new Post OR Preview post, it asked me to login AGAIN. So I log in again expecting to see my post and hey presto, it gone lost forever ;-(.

Anyone else had this frustrating problem?

My guess is that you should disipline yourself to login before posting or replying to a message. If that is the case the forum software probably needs to warn you OR we could provide a message at the top of the page remind users to login before posting.



Registered User
Apr 1, 2003
London, UK
Hi Charlie,
Sorry to read you're having these problems.

When folks have trouble staying logged in, it is often a problem with 'cookies'. You need to have cookies enabled so that the board can remember who you are.

  • Check that your browser has cookies enabled
  • Ensure that your Alzheimer's talking point options are set to "browse board with cookies enabled". Click on 'user control panel', then 'edit options' to see if this is the case.
  • If you continue to have problems, you likely have a corrupted cookie. Unfortunately, due to the way cookies are implemented in most browsers, we can't handle this situation for you. You'll have to delete your cookies manually. Check 'help for info on how to do this.

I hope you find that helpful.


Registered User
May 28, 2003
This happens to me too, frequently. It usually clears itself up and I can post my reply...if I can remember it. Today however, it would not work!
Thanks to the advice above, clearing my cookies HAS allowed me to post once again.
Just wanted to bring this thread to the fore for others who may have this difficulty.


Registered User
Apr 1, 2003
Hi Angela,

yep it is pretty frustrating. A lot of forums have this problem particulary online forums.

I now have a habit that I'd recommend.

When you have finished writing your message, before clicking on any buttons, select the lot with your mouse and copy (right click and click on copy OR just ctrl C on your keyboard). I do this religiously as the Alzheimers forum is not the only place where this happens.

Charlie....who is just about right click and copy :)