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Merry Christmas


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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
For some strange reason this year my eyes have developed the need to keep leaking.....I hear a carol, and down comes the water. I watch a movie,..glug goes my eye. The onions in the sage and onion stuffing...well I can blame them can't I ? A sound, a thought, a memory.....a whisper, a smell, they've all done for me..But it' s OK, I'm fine. It's just Christmas....... I'll be better soon, I just missed you Mum. God Bless ....

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Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
I'm glad your eyes are leaking. Leaky eyes are good when they need to leak. Doesn't always make things right, but sometimes I feel better for a leek or two.....

I'm sorry that yours have the need to leak though. Too much has happened hasn't it. Camel straws come along, like a song, or a film, a broken bone of two..... lost keys..... 24hrs of supposed happiness because the world is perfect on this one day..... And then it isn't.....

Wish I had a giggle for you today. Trouble is, spel check is working proposed like

Ummmm preheats not

Hugs Lin. Squishy ones. Holding your hand tote xxxxxx

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