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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
although I do not have a memory problem I do use the system that you describe.
Some words escape me,I could never think of the word paranoid,so I thought of parachute.
Wasn't it called Pelmanism?This was advertised a lot years back,I never really knew what it was.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
I use exactly the same system!

Especially with car registrations, and it is weird!


I have the year letter - 'Y' and that is no problem

then the numbers. Well that is easy!! How many hours in a week? 168

Then the final letters. "Extra Voluntary Contributions" EVC

How on earth does that make it easier? Dunno!

A previous car was likewise:

Year letter 'N'

the numbers. Easy-peasy. Intel arithmetic co-processor. 387

the letters were also computer linked. File Transfer Protocol. FTP

Associations mean a lot. Without them, it is difficult to remember things. For instance last night Nina and I took her grandchildren to see the "Wallace and Grommit" film. [absolutely fabulous!!!!]

Afterwards we were trying to recall the TV programme where Wallace's voice man comes from. It took half an hour to remember "Last of the Summer Wine" [I have never watched it, is my excuse!] But importantly, there is no memory trigger there.


Allan Stratton

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May 20, 2005
I live in Cheltenham
Phone Numbers

My friend has a phone no. 523599 I could never remember it until I split into parts. I remember 5 pause 23 which add up to 5 pause 5 and then the last 2 digets of the emergency 999. I expect this sounds mad but with this in mind I always remember, I only have the one real friend so that it all covered