1. sonia owen

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    Hi All,

    Mum had a memory test last week never had one like this in the 4 years she has had Dementia. Only had questions such as who is the Queen, the year date of birth etc. She completed an abbreviated ace III test with a score of 20/25. She was unable to complete the serial 7's which reduced her score significantly. Can anyone explain to me what these test are about. As I had to leave the room. Thanks
    Sonia xxx
  2. Izzy

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    Aug 31, 2003
  3. henfenywfach

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    May 23, 2013

    I'm my dad's carer he has dementia with lewy bodies.
    When he had his test about 4 yes ago now initially it was in the house. We were allowed to stay. In my opinion the nurse helped him too much..too many clues..when he was stuck.

    I downloaded all the tests to ensure I knew what they were. They were all on the Web. The one thing they all said at the end was that when marking the families opinion matters to. Think this was so the whole picture was being considered.

    My dad name 7 jungle animals from his book he had 2 mins before..but couldn't recall any non jungle animals or pets.. The nurse didn't pick up on that.

    He had a further test later on after scan etc it was slightly different as it was looking for a specific type of dementia.

    In the last 2 weeks my mum has had a test at the memory clinic. Apparently the test my dad had are now obselite. .hallelujah they must have been at least 40 yrs old plus..

    My mum is now waiting for a ct scan also.

    The tests only back up other things like a scan your observations and the Dr's observations.
    It probably depends at what stage they thought your loved one was when diagnosed.

    Best wishes
  4. Kevinl

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    Aug 24, 2013
    My mother had a test like that at the GP's but that must be 7 or 8 years ago, it was more like a quiz than a test. I think what convinced the doctor she may have AZ was when he asked her late husband's name (my dad), she turned to me and said "Kevin what was your dad's name" I gave it a moment then reminder her it was the same as mine, like you I just wanted to leave the room. My wife as had many tests but I've never seen the "quiz" test since that one time. But when we do the 6 monthly memory clinic I've no idea what they ask her when we are interviewed apart, whatever it is usually ends in tears so maybe they still use it.
  5. Countryboy

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    Mar 17, 2005
    Hi from my own experience the I was first asked if I would take a new medication in 1999 called Aricept it was at time only prescribed by the Consultant and had to be ordered in by the chemist , that changed in 2001 when the Arccept was prescribed by your G.P however it cost was shared between your G.P and the memory clinic therefore it was a requirement that the patient would have six monthly memory test if the score of that simple test was low the medication would stop obviously then the medication was about £80 per month now the generic equivalent is £2 or so a month and prescribed by the G.P ( sorry for spelling ) I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1999 so medication must be working for me I still take Aricept today
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    May 22, 2015
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    Do you know why your Mum had to have the test Sonia? My Mother had a psychiatrist visit recently. I have not yet see the results. He was sent because of a very difficult court of protection case we are going through at the moment as my Mum currently lives very happily with me but my sister wants her to live with her again and to have deputyship of my Mums finances. Whist Mum lived with her previously she financially abused her and there is an ongoing police enquiry!

    I believe the psychiatrist was sent to conduct this test in order to decide if Mum has capacity to decide on making her own decisions on where she lives and dealing with her own finances? Looking at the link to the test, although I wasn't allowed in the room, from what I could hear through the door, it seems to be the same one. I cannot see however how they can really determine my.Mums wishes from a test like this.

    I really am becoming more and more worried that these people between them are taking away Mums choices and could make a wrong decision!!

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