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Memory clinic appointment today


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Sep 21, 2015
Hi all. I have posted on here once back in September I think over concerns I had with my dad.
Just had appointment with memory clinic and have been told to go back in 4 weeks for diagnosis appointment.
Been given lots of info about carers groups but feel like there is so much to take in.
Have been told by others it takes ages to get any sort of diagnosis but think things are moving swiftly as dad already had lots done through falls clinic just before christmas.
Nurse was brilliant today and I actually felt for once someone cared about us as a whole not just that day but for our future.
Been told there is definite memory loss ( scored 15 out of 30 I think the total was). She talked about maybe starting medication when she had spoken to dr but it could be difficult due to some of the side effects as dad already has kidney and bp issues.
Sorry, feel like I am rambling now but feel like I may be around a while so hi everyone :)