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angela essex

Registered User
Jun 7, 2007
hi my mom died october last year and it is coming up to her birthday which will be a sad and happy event with lots of good memorys. we are thinking of starting a family but i feel happy and sad about this i feel sad that my mom mom wont be a round to offer advice or enjoy her grandchild:(

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello Angela,

It`s good to know you have good memories of your mother, even though she died less than a year ago. Many people still grieving only have memories of the final weeks and months, and those are very unhappy.

I`m sorry your mother won`t be there for you when you start your family, she must have been quite young when she died.

Take care xx


Registered User
Apr 10, 2006
Hi Angela

Sorry to hear about your mum, its still early days for you and your bound to be feeling sad about a lot of things but i'm sure your mum would want you to be happy and content and i'm sure that once you start your family you'll have lots of special memories of your mum that you can share with your children.

I once had a friend in a similar position and she started a memory box of her mum, old photo's, mums favourite songs on cd, lace hankerchief, favourite book, wedding ring etc, so she could share them with her children as they grew up.................i know its not the same, but its a nice thought.

Love Alex x


Registered User
Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Angela,
My mum was ill from my boys being small - it does hurt not having a mum to share things with. I understand why you have mixed feelings.

Love Helen

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