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Nov 28, 2005
I saw the news tonight and my thoughts were on the same lines as you AlfJess!
Why oh why do these politicians not see the light! It is outrageous that people who just do not deserve their illness get put on one side because of age or whatever. Is it because the prisoners cause too much of a problem for the powers that be if they do not get their 'rights'.

The mind boggles - can we persuade all our loved ones to do something to get themselves into prison --- they might just get the drugs they need then - free care etc etc etc

Sorry to be so bl. minded - as May said 'it stinks'.


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
I can only sympathise with prisoners with dementia, as I do to all suffers of this illness and I suppose their crimes could be attributed to dementia, but what I am appalled at is that prisoners denied methadone has won a case, because it was in violation of their human rights.
What human rights have our loved ones got, They have been refused medication and free care for a genuine illness. They are not addicts nor criminals, but vulnerable members of our society, who should be treated better than criminals


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Nov 7, 2004
Question the Government

Hi alfjess

Yes it is a strange world.

Why not put your question to the Government on the Labour site.


Look for the section “Put your Queen's Speech question to ministers”

Constant drip drip might make them realise they have their priorities wrong.