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Means test

Billy's Girl

Registered User
Oct 8, 2013
West Yorkshire
My OH will soon have used his savings down to the threshold. Our SW is arranging a financial assessment, or means test. It was requested in February but they have not got round to it yet. Can anyone tell me what will happen at this assessment?

Billy's Girl

Registered User
Oct 8, 2013
West Yorkshire
Thank you for your help.

There will be a form for you to fill in if you have POA, and you will have to produce documented evidence of income, savings, expenditure etc. The nature of the form differs from LA to LA, but I suspect the basics will be the same.

Someone from the LA may come to see you instead - they'll let you know the procedure for you particular LA, but it would be advisable if you speak to them first and get a list of exactly what documents they will need to see.

Hope all goes well
I received a call this afternoon and was told my request has been lost due to a computer glitch but they will mark as urgent. I will get a call from someone who will arrange to visit, so I will ask them what they need at that stage. Thank you again

Pete R

Registered User
Jul 26, 2014
Glad you have got that (almost) sorted.:)

With my Mom the assessor wanted to see the last 12 months of bank statements and copies of Premium Bonds and private pensions. She questioned a few recent large, over £2000, expenses but was very helpful and explained everything fully.

Others on here have had differing experiences.

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