Meals on Wheels - Yipee


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Apr 16, 2008
Devon, England
I've mentioned on other threads the odd battles I've had with mum over food because she thinks she's eaten when I know for a fact sometimes she hasn't.

I spoke to the OT this week on another matter and she told me casually that mum is having meals on wheels now. We've all mentioned this to mum over the past few months and have always got a negative response."Oh no. I don't need to do that. I want to be able to go out and eat when I want" etc etc. But this week she agreed to have meals on Mon, Wed & Fri. Apparently she was out when they came on Mon:(, but had the first one on Wed. This turned out to be pork and apple casserole. "I don't like pork" she told me, "but I ate it anyway. You don't get a choice you know". Pudding was apple and custard and that went down a treat.

Phew, now at least I know she'll be getting at least 3 meals a week and if she continues to go into town to have her pub meal on Tues & Thurs that just leaves Sat & Sun, so if she doesn't eat much on those days it won't be too bad.

I've been told if she doesn't like the meals-on-wheels there is another service that does frozen meals and that the person who has started going in each evening ("She's very nice but I don't know her name")will be able to help her put them in the microwave. So perhaps she'll start to put on a bit of the weight that she thinks she hasn't lost.:D Her OT and support worker seem to have the knack of persuading her to do things that I just seem to end up having a row with her over.



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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Chris,
That is brilliant news. If you do need a change of food for your Mother there is a firm who I used for Peter and it is lovely food and very reasonable prices and you choose what you want to order.
If you would like the name of the firm and it is one that quite a few Carers I know order from I will p.m. it to you.
Well done, that is a big worry off your shoulders.
Best wishes


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Feb 13, 2008
My mother in law has the frozen ones delivered to her. They put them in the freezer for her and she's really pleased with the service to date.
Whilst she hasn't got dementia, she hasn't been meeting up with friends over recent years. Shes 87. But now with this service, she orders a couple of extra meals, and invites a couple of friends round once a month for lunch.
The food looks of excellent quality and not too much either.
Love AndreaX


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Apr 16, 2008
Devon, England
I spoke too soon!

Hi there. Thanks for your replies.
Christine - yes I would like the name of the firm please as it looks like I might have got my hopes up too soon with meals-on-wheels. Spoke to mum today and so far she has only had 1 of the 3 meals she should of had this week - and that was the one she didn't like:( She said she was out on Monday and Friday though she did say she told them she'd be out on Friday.) She also said she doesn't want food being delivered when she doesn't know what she'll be getting and then have to throw it away because she doesn't like it.
So it looks like she might have to have the frozen ones and then the person who comes in in the evening can help her cook it.

Today she was out when I phoned. She'd walked up to the village (about 1 mile each way:D) and eaten at a cafe (though she can never tell me which one). That's going to be ok in the summer but she won't be able to do it in the winter. I wonder if she'll get more agitated or depressed once the weather prevents her from going on her little 'outings'. My theory is that they are one way for her to get one over on everyone on the site who thinks she's gone a bit 'odd'. She might not be able to remember anything, but a lot of them wouldn't be able to walk to the end of the road, let alone a couple of miles. So she can do something they can't.

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