Managed to get him to the doctors at last!!!!


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Apr 23, 2006
It wasn't a pleasant experience but I have managed to get my hubby to the doctors at last. The worst thing I found was his anger at me when he said that he didn't realise we were going to discuss his memory. But of course I had told him and we had discussed it with his rheumatolgy doctor the day before who managed to persuade him to go for my sake. We made the appointment for the very next day (strike while the iron was hot or so I thought). I didn't realise how awful it was going to be. He claimed to the doctor that I was the only one who seemed to have a problem as no-one else seems to have mentioned anything, but of course they don't do they, not to him anyway. I really felt like he was trying to turn it all round on me. I sobbed my socks off when I went back to work. Anyway he agreed, if only to prove me wrong, to go and see someone at the hospital and we are now waiting for the appointment. My only worry now is how he will react when the appointment arrives.
Life goes on much the same for the time being and we have good days and bad days. I have noticed that he seems worse when he is feeling under the weather or when his arthritis is particularly bad, is this usual?
From Brightspark.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Brightspark.

Don`t worry about your husband being in denial to the GP. The GP will have seen through it and that`s why he`s made a further referral.

If your husband won`t keep the appointment, Phone up and explain why. This way, when a further appointment is made, and it will eventually, the hospital will have it on record that he refused to go.

My husband has an enlarged prostate. The medication is effective, he has forgotten the original symptoms, so has refused to go to the clinic our GP referred him to.

You are going to be blamed for everything your husband finds threatening. It`s so hard but he can`t help it. Just go along with what he wants, keep the peace and keep your chin up. Easier said than done, I know.