mam's 80th birthday

barbara h

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Feb 15, 2008
county durham
Hi everyone,

A couple of months ago the doctor assessed my mam and the prognosis wasn't good she had a series of mini strokes and she wasn't well at all. We always said we would have a party for her 80th birthday but as she has deteriated so quickly and had to go into a care home suddenly at the beginning of february we didn't plan anything.

The last few weeks she has picked up a lot physically, going to bed and getting up at proper times, eating and drinking well and generally better. So we arranged to have a little party in the care home, they let us have the conservatory so it was private just ten of us the family and three of her closest friends.

Her three friends have not seen her since she went away to hospital and then the care home and we didn't know how she would react but all our efforts we put into today were worth it for the look on her face when she saw them. She managed to open all of her cards and presents with a little help and all in all we have had a lovely day enjoyed by all.

Barbara h


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Hello Barbara,

That's a lovely post.
It's so good to hear that things are working out..:)

Sounds like your mum is in a good place..and am so pleased she enjoyed her 80th did you all..

Love gigi xx


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear Barbara

Well done you for arranging such a lovely surprise for your mam.

I bet she had a lovely day.


Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
Well done Barbara, your mum is a very lucky lady. Glad you all enjoyed it.

We took my mum out to a pub lunch for her 81st in March. We weren't sure how it would go. There was just mum, me and my husband, our two daughters and one daughter's partner, so 6 of us. Mum loved it. But it was quite clear that once she had finished her meal, she wanted to get back to the home, so poor Victoria who had just taken delivery of a huge pudding, had to abandon it. Never mind. Mum enjoyed it, that was the objective.

Much love