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mam is so ill.


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Jun 10, 2004
South East Wales, UK.
Dear everyone,
My poor mum is struggling to breathe, the hospital called us in as a family saturday + told us she wouldn't make the night. My mother is still struggling to live. I'm there every day + sit for hours + hours listening to her chest bubbling with infection, I feel helpless + useless! I'm praying that it will end soon, my mother has suffered enough over the years + now after antibiotics, sub-cut fluids I'm sure she's about to give up the fight, she has not eaten for days + her swallowing reflex has all but gone. The fluid their attempting to give appears to be finding it's way to her lungs. I don't know how much longer she'll be able to keep the fight up but I hope + pray the ending for her torment is in sight. It's so unbearable to watch, I want to cradle her in my arms + tell her I can make it allright but thats all I can do is sit + hold her hand.
I'm not a particularly religious person but now I'm praying to God to end her suffering. Rosie.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
How dreadful for your Mum and for you. Each time we reach a new stage in the development of the disease, it seems worse than the last, doesn't it?

While we are all so proud of the fight they manage to put up, against such odds, we desperately want them to be at peace.

My thoughts are with you and Mum.