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Mam fought until the end....


Registered User
Jan 18, 2016
My Mam's been taken by this dreadful disease
But what a relief, she is now at ease.
Mam suffered in silence as her world fell apart
Yet all through this time Mam kept her kind heart.

Dementia is a horrid disease that has no pride
for hours and hours, endless tears we've cried.
Mam wouldn't have wanted to leave in this way
But the end it came and Mam had no say .

For months on end Mam struggled to think
As Dementia took hold and her memory did shrink.
The conversations with her got less and less
Then Mam would go into deep distress.

We tried to chat and understand her past
But sometimes she'd change and us she would lambaste.
Mam didn't mean to shout she never before
Then for once in my life I am sure she swore.

That wasn't Mam, it was this dreaded condition
Her brain you know was in such transition.
But now Mam's looking down like a great shining light
She fought and fought but lost the big fight..

We will meet again I am sure we will
You're at peace now there's no more being ill.
Keep us some seats at one big table
And keep us in check as only you were able..


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
Hello Garethjthomas
so sorry to read of your mam's death
your poem is a fitting memorial to her

welcome to TP at this sad time for you