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Jan 24, 2010
Bristol uk.
Loc8tor and Travel Insurance

Hi Everybody.

I have checked with the moderators and I am allowed to tell you of my find today.

But before I do , I want it to be known that, there are probably other products that have the same function and other stores that sell them. I have no connection with either the Loc8tor or Maplins, except as a satisfied customer.

Today after talking to my Social Worker about a huge problem for me and my hubby (Phil) , she came to my aide by telling me about an item I could purchase. I asked her where I could buy one and she said I would have to do my own research , so I did , and found one at Maplins. Maplins is only a few minutes away from me. It is called Loc8tor. It is ideal for a person who wanders away from you, it picks them up for up to 600 foot from you and also can be used for pets and children. It has many uses. The one I purchased was expensive , £99, but it has 4 locators which I thought was sensible.

I have put one on the round ring part of a keyring and attach it to Phils jeans tabs. I have looked at his summer shorts and they have tabs aswell. Also I have put one in the pocket of his coat so if he mislays that I will be able to find it.

I am thrilled !!!!

The other item I have found is that we can now get holiday insurance for abroad, if you mention Alzheimers Society they get a percentage of the policy sold. The company is called My Alzheimers Advisor told me about this and I have booked up insurance for Phil and I to go to Prague for 3 days , Friday to Sunday, and it cost £51.95 which I thought wasn't too bad for insurance for Dementia.

I hope that these 2 items might help others on here.