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Lunch Club date changed without notice

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Jan 25, 2015
My Mum's lunch club was due to start on Wednesday after the August break, and I was going to go in and give her house its first proper clean in weeks (my SIL won't do much cleaning when Mum is there as she is frightened of her verbally abusive manner).
We waited till 12.30am, still no community bus, so called and was told bus was cancelled till Monday. I then called lunch club and was told same thing as there was problem with the hall. When I asked why I was not told they said they had called my Mum the day before. I have repeatedly told them not to call her, only call me, they have my instructions in writing. Their reply was 'we had lots of people to call'!
So my hubbie went food shopping for her while I tried to explain that she was not going to lunch club.
I managed to do a bit of cleaning in between her rants and repetitive questioning.
Wednesday was also my birthday. I did not mention this to Mum as she has not remembered my birthday since I was 12- I am 57! (She has NEVER forgotten my brother's birthday in November!)
We managed to get away at nearly 3pm as I was due to meet granddaughters from school, and then had little birthday tea party which was good.


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Aug 19, 2015
Adelaide South Australia
Sorry you had to deal with this on your birthday :(

It sounds like the lunch club people were doing what was easier for them. People have no concept of what it's like dealing with a dementia sufferer who instantly forgets what they've just been told.

About 6 weeks ago mum asked me when my birthday was. As her long term memory is pretty good I was very hurt by this. I told her and she said "no it's not, that's my father's birthday". I reminded her we share the same birthday and she seemed surprised.

Stupidly I felt that if she could remember her father's birthday why couldn't she remember mine? And yes, I bet she could remember my brother's. Of course it's silly to let something like this bother me but still......