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Oct 23, 2013
Myself and 2 brothers have joint LPA for my mum. The Informal agreement has always been that one brother manages financial affairs and I because I live nearest manage any health issues. Up until 12 months ago we got along and managed ok. However, our brother went away for a total of. 8 weeks in 11 weeks.....so I ' supervised' the financial stuff....started to put paperwork etc in order.....I was also asked to start some kind of written record to monitor mum. Since then only I have completed the blog! One brother does comment and has been supportive but the other one! .......has stopped visiting me, refuses to share any information is actually obstructive in providing information....he is 10 years older than me. Says he won't read my emails, doesn't phone, sends the odd insulting text message. Is sweetness and light to mum.....the care company are sick of him complaining he talks at them and treats them disgracefully. Mums in hospital this week.....suspected Tia....not sure if she might have to go in respite......brother has visited her...but no feed back but an increase in nasty insulting texts. He's refused to have anything to do with mums funeral even if he's in the country........I am completely stressed out..... Coping with mum is one thing but not only having no support from your brother but such a negative attitude is just.....sorry to ramble ...again

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