Lovely visit to see Mum today!


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Nov 7, 2004
Hi all.

Just thought I'd let you know I had a lovely visit with mum today. She was a little chatterbox. At one point through her jibberish she said "blar blar blar...a big one!" So I replied back "Have you got a big one?" So we all had a good giggle at that. Was nice to see mum laughing.

She was also trying to move herself about in the bed, so she's getting some of her strength back. Looked at her notes they'd got her up yesterday.

Nurse also told me she was eating like a horse and I could see that also..."Full meal and Pudding" was written in her notes. Nurse was feeding her the last of last weeks Maltesers as I walked in with a fresh box!!!

Anyway, I told Mum I'd have to go and she was ok about it (last week she got upset). She was holding my hand and I gave her a couple of kisses on her forehead. She then pulled my hand towards her mouth and gave me 4 or 5 kisses on the back of my hand. I felt like I'd won the lottery.

That has given me so much of a boost - I was getting down comparing all the witness statements I've got!!!!

How do Mum's know just what is required for their sons when they need it most?

Onward and upward - as a certain person put it "I fight on - I fight to win!!!!"