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Discussion in 'I have dementia' started by Norrms, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Norrms

    Norrms Registered User

    Feb 19, 2009
    Torquay Devon

    Have you ever got lost ? Have you ever stopped the car after a wrong turning and thought ? Where the heck am i ? As you look around nothing seems familiar, you dont recognise anything? Even though you might have driven the same route so many time`s, just that one wrong turn has now completely thrown you?

    Then you realise you may be late for wherever it is your going, your eyes strain to make sense of your surroundings, your heartbeat goes a little quicker and sweat starts to appear on your brow, "Should you ask directions ? Or will that make you look daft ? Especially if where you are going is just around the corner, you sit there and begin to panic a little............................

    Have you ever been on holiday and lost your bearings ? You look for the landmarks you said would remind you on the way back, nothing comes to mind as you walk up and own a street you are sure you have just walked, then suddenly a thought enters your head! OMG Wheres my car? You think you know where you parked it, but you cant remember because its a strange town, a strange place, you start to panic, the WHAT IF`S start to race through your mind

    What if its been stolen
    What if they find out where i live ?
    What if they find the spare keys to the house ??

    I have so many friends and family , who should i ring? or will it just make me look like an idiot if i tell anybody???



    Welcome to MY WORLD !!.....................................

    Cc Norrms Mc Namara
    Diagnosed with dementia nine years ago, have a wonderful family and so many beautiful friends


    Please share
  2. Haverton

    Haverton Registered User

    Sep 12, 2016
    Hi Norms, although at 63 I am in the early symptoms of mixed dementia I get lost in familiar places. The first time I got lost I found myself walking down a busy road totally disorientated but trying to remember where I wanted to be and how to get there. It was a terrible and a tearful experience for me. I had to turn around and retrace my steps and as you expressed look for landmarks that I hoped was near to my destination. I have been allocated a support worker who will accompany me when I visit places I want to go. I find public transport quit a challenge. I can not safely board a train for example. I can get confused which train i want and which platform I need to board it. I have loved ones who can help me but it means they have to travel with me, often on long journeys where some years back I would manage very easily. I share with you your anxieties and frustration.

    Take care.
  3. Norrms

    Norrms Registered User

    Feb 19, 2009
    Torquay Devon
    Thank you

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