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Lost Mum's will


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Before she went into her CH mum was putting things away "safely". I have found her birth certificate sandwiched between two books in the book-case, the deeds of the bungalow behind a chest of drawers and a gold chain in the bottom of the tea-caddy, but I cant find her will. I know she has made one - she went to the local solicitors, not just a DIY one - and her friend and I have looked everywhere, to no avail.

The solicitors in the village where she went has closed down. I know that all the paper-work cant have been destroyed and it must have been taken over by another firm, but I dont know who and I dont know how to find out.

Can anyone help me?


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Jan 16, 2014
We managed our parents wills and our own ourselves so all family members know where they are kept safely so I haven't experience of solicitors but something deep in my memory seems to think I have heard that some solicitors also register wills held by them somewhere...sorry can't remember more..
But a question into google or similar mah help. Good luck. Nightmare trying to find things hidden.:eek:


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Jan 20, 2011
This database perhaps?

You could check with The Law Society. They will know if a firm was taken over or merged with an existing practice. If you know the name of the old firm they can check solicitors names to see if anyone from it is still a member in practice. You could then contact them where they are currently working.

If you can't find the original Will, does anyone have a photocopy, perhaps an executor? Or the bank? There are procedures for the courts to accept a copy if all reasonable efforts to find the original have failed.

I think you will find it in the house, or at least her copy if she left the original with the solicitor.
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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Thanks everyone.
I am her executor and I cant find any copy of her will anywhere. Im pretty sure she had a copy and the original was at the solicitors, but no-one knows of any other copy.

Ill bet that once I empty her home I will find where she has hidden it, but, in the meantime I dont want to start disposing of anything until I have seen her will.

Jennifer - thank you. I have bookmarked that site. It wouldnt surprise me at all it the solicitors had tried to contact her and she had just put the phone down on them. :rolleyes:
Katrine, Im sorry, but the link doesnt seem to work. Ill try googling it and see if I can find it that way.

Ive got a few things to explore now. :)


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Id just like to clarify that she has not yet died, but I am having to sell her bungalow to pay for the CH. I have a feeling that she has left some of her possessions to specific people, so I dont want to accidentally get rid of anything before I see her will.

Id also like to have her will for when the time comes, of course.

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