Lost Dad to AD 6 yrs ago


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Feb 4, 2004
My dad passed away from AD 6years ago, a month before my 21st birthday. I found it incredibly difficult as I was going through my late teens as his condition worsened and I felt there was not much support for me as dad was quite young to get it. He was 65 when he was diagnosed and whenever I went to visit it was assumed he was my grandad.. My mum received a lot of support and she also regarded me as her brick.. but looking back on it, I wish I could have had someone to hold me up to.. it is so difficult seeing someone you love very much turn into someone else. When he passed away, I feel it must have been such a relief for him as he was a very highly respected man, ex CID at scotland yard, and AD is a disease that is very debilitating and one that takes away dignity.. I really hope sometime in the future something can be done.. and that it will become a socially acceptable disease and not one that is sometimes joked about. On a lighter note, life does go on and somehow you find a way of getting through it.. it makes us all stronger people i believe and never lose sight of the way they were and the good times you shared. No one can take those memories away from you. Hope and best wishes to you all.


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Lisa,

Many thanks for your very brave and inspiring post. I think it is easy to lose sight and perspective of a better time in the future when we are totally immersed in just getting through the daily slog of endless caring. It is also very sad to think that the end of the caring means the death of a very much loved parent or husband. I'm sure though that this can bring it's own relief and a reflection on very much happier past memories.


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