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pins tony

Registered User
Oct 20, 2014
Hi T P.as usual I saw my lovely wife June.she still looks the same but I know I am losing her.no today I feel June is gone no contact Why Why WHy.her favourite song was somewhere over the rainbow perhaps that is where she is.I am so sorry to post this message I don't know what else to do SO SORRY


Registered User
Apr 7, 2014
Tony my heart goes out to you I feel exactly the same about my OH I hate this bloody disease sending you a big hug too xxxxxx


Registered User
Sep 27, 2006
You lost the wife you had but you haven't lost the love you have had between you both and the memories of the things you have shared together. That still binds you and always will.

It is so very hard to continue to support and to try to do your best day after day when the changes are so drastic. One foot in front of the other my friend till the journey's end.

My thoughts are with you and all others travelling this lonely path that neither you or your wife wanted to go along.



Registered User
Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
Hoping you got some sleep.

I still haven't found the magic wand that stops all thoughts whirling around my head in the middle of the night. I know on TP there is a rubber hammer somewhere, and that works for some, but I think in some cases a magic wand is needed don't you.

I shall Google for one and when I find it, shall send it to you xxxxxx

Hoping today is as good as it can be and you find your June again, if only for a moment. Those moments are precious xxxxx

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Jul 18, 2015
Surrey, UK
Tony, I hope today is a better day for you. Please do something nice for yourself that June would like you to do. She would want you to be kind to yourself. xx


Registered User
Jul 5, 2011
Liverpool, Merseyside
Hi Tony
The 'hammer' used to be on the wide awake post.

I'm sure it must be nearly worn out now so I have taken the liberty of getting a new one.

Feel free to use any time you need to get to sleep XXX