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Looking for support regarding my Dad


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Sep 28, 2015
Hello all, I am so happy to have found a forum as I begin this new journey.

My dad is 78 years old, we live in the US. Once my dad retired from work about ten years ago, he started changing. He chose to hang out at home and not exert much physical activity. His personality changed just a bit. He started not liking things he had always liked, including tv, books, and daily activities. He started sleeping quite a bit during the day. Over the years, he's gotten stressed over little things, angry, and depressed. He has begin making mistakes on his banking, has very poor short term memory, rarely knows what day it is, and doesn't leave the house much. He sleeps for probably 18 hours plus a day. My Dad has suffered from hearing loss for years and has two hearing aids. He can't hear much anyone but it almost seems like his hearing is the same, but he isn't understanding what he hears. He thinks everyone is either shooting at him, speaks with an accent, or mumbles constantly. He also has trouble with instruction manuals.

His doctor ordered an mri but it showered only normal wear of the brain for his age. He also did some minor testing in his office but it was hard with his hearing. As of now the doctor is leaning towards dementia.

I am reaching out because two days ago my dad asked when we were going to go on vacation, hee had forgotten we went on vacation last month, he remembers bits of the trip but swears it was over a year ago. I want to help him and my mom through this the best I can.


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Apr 24, 2013
From a distance it would be foolish to make a diagnosis but these are all common signs in Alzheimers. You need to go with the doctor through the relevant tests and possible medication. The latter doesn't suit everyone but others will encourage you to give it a try.

Let us know how he gets on.

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