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Looking for a friend for my mum to share experience with.Early/mid stage aged 61


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Sep 21, 2015
Hi everyone

My mum is 61 and got diagnosed about 2 years ago (although we suspect it started earlier).

She is very independent but gradually relying on my dad more and more. He is great and takes her to the occasional group. I do the occasion Alz Society event with her (e.g the memory walk). I am however looking for someone who also has Alzheimer's at the same stage and age as her that she can share experiences with.

The people at her group tend to be older and more advanced which makes it difficult for her to connect with them. It also puts my dad off taking her more often as he doesn't think it's very helpful.

I would be grateful if anyone in London or South East / Surrey Ina similar situation would be keen to connect their parent/friend with her



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May 21, 2014
Have you tried your local Singing for the Brain? I regularly meet some smashing people with dementia there who I have a chat with. They seem to be early stages and still quite with it.