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Looking for a Carer for elderly couple with Dementia & Alzheimers


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Aug 3, 2020
I am looking for a carer (not an agency ideally) to visit an elderly couple twice a day offering homecare and help with prompting tasks and enabling them to manage to stay at home together as long as possible. Having real trouble finding someone to help and treat them as a 'package' rather than two seperate clients needing more visits. Any helpful suggestions welcomed!
Thank you


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Feb 27, 2015
Welcome to DTP @Doxey50
Have you tried advertising for a carer rather than using agencies?
Please keep posting as you’ll get lots of support here.


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Aug 3, 2020
Thank you for responding to my post. I have tried advertising online but as yet have had no joy. Any recommendations of the best places to post the advert?
Thanks 🙏


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Aug 30, 2013
Be aware that employing a Carer privately, make you an Employer, and libel for Tax and Pensions, etc.
Using an Agency, make you a client, and only need to pay the agency fees.
Explain fully and exactly what you need from an Agency, good ones will be able to help.



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Dec 22, 2016
If you approach an agency they will have lots of staff so that you're not relying on the on the one person who would have to have holiday and may have illness.If the most important thing for them to stay at home is having care a good package can be sorted out that meets their needs so that they are looked after properly.If they have money like my mother they will have to pay for the care and after their savings drop to a certain level the LA will make a contribution.
At the end of the day they are individual people so will be treated as 2 clients,as I touched on earlier if they have money for their care, now is the time for them to spend it to achieve the best outcomes.


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Jun 12, 2020
As others have said you take on quite a lot of responsibility if you become an employer. If you employ someone and later decide they are incompetent or lazy would you be able to cope with an employment dispute? What would happen if the employee goes sick at very short notice? What if the person is competent and works hard but you and the old couple simply don't like him/her? Lots to think about!


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Nov 1, 2016
I'm pretty sure the agency we used for Mum would be flexible enough to offer the kind of care you are looking for, they charged by the hour and although seemingly expensive (£25 per hour in S Manchester) the carers did exactly what we wanted, which was just preparing a hot meal and providing company for a couple of hours. Maybe you could try different agencies to find one that will meet your parents needs.

We looking into employing someone privately but were put off by the responsibilities of being an employer and also the need to cover at holiday times or sickness.

Good luck


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Sep 27, 2019
Our council website has a link to a PA finder under the the adult social care section, they have been checked by council I think. My sister briefly looked into it for my mum but in the end we went with an agency. The ones sis looked at were self employed and sorted tax NIS contributions themselves. . Maybe your council has something similar.