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Long term Parkinsons sufferer now diagnosed with Dementia currently in Hospital


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Dec 22, 2015

This is my first ever post on this forum so I apoogise in advance if i am in the wrong place but the situation I find myself in is as folows;

My father who is 82 has been a parkinsons sufferer for over 10 years and has been cared for at home until recently by my 83 year old mother with help from me (I do not live localy). Hi was taken into hospital 3 weeks ago as he had become imobile. Whilst in hospital the mobility problem has been improved significantly by ajusting his drugs and although unsteady he is now back on his feet, but although lucid at times is suffering from illusinations (seeing people who are not there, fantacising about events which have not happened) and has been on occasions agressive with the nursing staff because he wants to come home.
He is now medicaly fit to come home but the ongoing care team with whom we had a meeting last week are convinced he needs residential support, whereas my mother thinks his changes in charicter are due to his being in hospital against his will (he has always more or less done as he pleases at home and of course is not allowed to do that in hospital).
My mother has visited him every day whilst he ha been in hospital and I have spent as much time as possible with her and visited with her when I have been there but she is becoming increasingly upset by the situation (emotional, not wanting to eat etc.) and wants him home for Christmas.
We would have own funds available for home support but I dont know if this would be enough, the medical staff say not but they are only seeing him as he is now, not as he was when my mother was looking after him - HELP please! Should we bring him home and try to cope, what happens if we do and then cant, and if we decide we want to bring him home, what do we have to do regarding the ongoing support team who have said he needs NHS funded care?


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
On discharge he should be eligible for up to 6 weeks of free reablement care, this can be in either a care home or domestic setting.

You mention 'NHS funded care' if this means Funded Nursing Care it can only be delivered in a care home, it could also mean Continuing Health Care (CHC) which can be in either a care home or at home. I doubt if it is CHC though as this is hard to get and you have not mentioned any of the preliminary steps.

I assume it was movement disorder people who tweaked his medication, as dementia has now been diagnosed has this medication been reviewed by a psychiatrist with particular reference to his hallucinations?