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LogmyCare App - being used by Care/Nursing home

Hours Away

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Jul 16, 2021
When my PWD had home carers the care company used an app/web based system called OpenPass which gave me visibility of the care plan and which carers were booked in for the next 7 days and at what time. The carers would clock in and out using their phones and update tasks as green, amber or red with optional notes and add an overall visit comment as well.

I've not seen any mention of apps used within care homes but the care home (which is small with ~20 beds) have just given me family access to an app called LogMyCare. As it doesn't seem to have been mentioned previously, and I'm not sure how widely used apps are currently, I thought I'd give some details here as it might be useful for others to know a bit more about it.

I now have visibility to a huge amount of the care home's information including my PWD's medication list, care plan, various risk assessments (including BMI, Falls Risk and Waterlow score (just had to look up what that is)).

On a daily basis I can see 3 types of updates:
- Food & Drink - exactly what and how much (as a % and in millilitres) they are eating and drinking at each meal and break time
- Activities & Social - if they've joined in with communal activities the co-ordinator makes notes and often includes a photo. If the care home have called family for an update, eg after a GP visit, this is also noted
- Health Visits - recent visits from the GP are noted

Overall it's providing extra piece of mind since the care home already phone if there is anything that they think I need to be aware. It will also give me plenty to talk about when I visit as often the PWD can't remember what they've been doing or eaten.