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Local council refusing to fund current care home


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Sep 9, 2021
My father is currently in a care home which was being funded by the NHS after he was sent there after a long stay in hospital this care home was chosen by nhs . the NHS funding has now been withdrawn and he has now been privately funding himself now he’s funds have run out ( got down to the legal limit) the local council are now trying to move him to a cheaper home
he’s been at his current care home for two years and is very settled and happy there
He suffers with Alzheimer’s/dementia also other complex medical conditions. The GP has written a letter to say it would have a detrimental affect on his mental and physical health if he were moved . The council are still refusing to pay for his current care home can anyone help with some advice please ? I’m so worried they’ll move him I should also mention the home he is currently in has 20 residents the one they’d like to move him to has 62 residents
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Beza. Welcome.

I hope the LA is just trying it on but I can understand your anxiety.

I`ve no idea how to battle for your father`s stability in care but I suggest you contact Dementia Connect to see if they can advise.

Please post an update to let us know what happens.


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Sep 23, 2021
You need to make it very clear to the LA that in the care act guidelines they have a ‘duty’ to provide care that not only meets their eligible care needs but also his well-being needs too. I presume you have made an informal complaint to the LA. The next step would be to make formal complaint. The details on how to do this should be easily accessible on their website. It’s advised that this is done via email and make the subject title ‘formal complaint’ then the LA know exactly when you have made the complaint and they must respond with 3 working days. If they still believe he should move care home, then consider making a complaint to the social care ombudsman.


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @Beza
a warm welcome to DTP
it's good that you have the GP onside .... have you chatted with the manager of your father's current home, they may be able to put a finger on some specific aspects of his care needs that the current home are meeting well which may not be provided elsewhere, and back you up on the welfare concerns of moving someone who is settled, so would be upset and disorientated taken out of familiar surroundings and routines (so important for a person with dementia) and well known to staff who therefore have found ways over the 2 years to tailor his care, both health and welfars, to him specifically
the staff may well give you ideas to prove a move will be detrimental to your father's physical, mental and emotional welfare
if the suggdsted home is more difficult to visit, you could use that to say there is a risk to how much family could visit which goes against your father's human right to keep family ties
you mention NHS funding ... if that was for health issues on top of the dementia, has your father been assessed for CHC funding .. if not ask the manager to look into that ... it may be another way to show the current home is the best fit for your father's needs