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Local Authority deferral of care plan


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Dec 24, 2013
I care for my dad who has dementia & have done for 3.5 yr since my mum passed away suddenly. I live in a different county to my dad(45mins drive there & back) & until recently have managed to look after him & my adult daughter who has cerebral palsy/learning difficulties. However since my dad's dementia has progressed & cannot be left alone for more than 30mins without him having to ring anyone I am finding it extremely difficult & applied to LA for a care package to enable me to employ carers to fill in the gaps of care daily when I am not there as my health was also suffering. Dad's social worker took my request to panel & it was deferred as they were querying why after 3.5yrs was I suddenly applying for a care package & also with a care agency who was substantially more expensive than they recommended(this company specialises in dementia). To cut a long story short....SW tweaked my application & it went to panel again today and was refused again due to costs etc. So my dad has to receive the bare minimum of £120pw, he also has to contribute(due to his private pension) a client contribution of £170 towards any care provided by LA. I am at the end of my tether & do not know where to turn, he resides in his own home as that was agreed as a care home is not required as he has a certain amount of independance, but needs constant supervision. Is there anywhere I can turn to get help, Incidentally I am not requesting a massive care package only enough to enable me to cut down from my 6/7 days per week!. Thank you in advance
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