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Living with Alzheimer's

jimbo 111

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Jan 23, 2009
North Bucks
Living with Alzheimer's: What is it really like to be diagnosed with early-onset disease
Depicting early-onset Alzheimer's, the film 'Still Alice' had a profound effect on Joy Watson, who lives with the illness. She tells Kate Hilpern how she's coped with the diagnosis

There's a wealth of memorable lines in Still Alice, the Julianne Moore vehicle about early-onset Alzheimer's that opens in Britain tomorrow. Such as this one: "'Live in the moment,' I tell myself. 'It's really all I can do'." So says Alice, the esteemed 50-year-old linguistics professor played by Moore, in one of the most poignant scenes in a highly emotional film that follows Alice and her family's journey through diagnosis and beyond. "And that's absolutely how it is," says Joy Watson, who was diagnosed with the disease in her hometown of Eccles, Greater Manchester, two years ago at the age of 55.

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