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Liverpool care homes?

Lainey 127

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Nov 25, 2012
Liverpool UK
My sister and I have started looking at care homes for Mum, respite first with a view to a permanent place if everyone is happy.
I'm a bit dismayed so far. Rooms full of people sitting in chairs not smiling, not talking, just sleeping.
Care staff not interacting with residents, deadly! The place we visited today had people sitting in two conservatories; they were far too hot and uncomfortable, one lady asked to be moved but she was still sitting there when we left half an hour later. I don't want to leave Mum anywhere like that..
Is there anywhere on the internet with a proper list of recommended EMI homes?
I'm also contused as we were told to look at EMI homes but two of the places we've been to visit said people are always told to go for EMI care when in fact they don"t need it? Todays care home advertised dementia care on the internet but the manageress said they didn"t take dementia sufferers!
Anyone out there got any experience of dementia care homes in Liverpool? I'm lost!
Thanks all as always.


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Sep 27, 2006
It is very difficult to recommend a care home because what is suitable for one person's relative may not be suitable for another person's relative. I'm afraid its a case of foot slogging your way through and knowing where your relative will be best placed. The latest CQC inspection reports are available on their website and that might be as good a starting point as any.

It's quite true that nowadays more and more care homes can have dementia residents already and do take new residents who are sufferers. After all some existing residents develop dementia whilst residing in the home and it would be cruel and heartless to 'turf' them out because of this. However care home managers do assess new residents before admission and at that stage, or even later, can decide that their particular care home cannot meet their needs.

I promise you, there are some good care homes in the Liverpool area. The hard bit is searching them out.



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Nov 28, 2005
Hi - its a minefield!
A CH Manager needs to assess a possible 'recruit' before they are accepted. Whilst doing that they need all the assessments done by MH Consultant, GP and Social Worker.

If this were me in the same situation I would google EMI homes in Liverpool and then just do the leg work to find out more about how they care.

Maybe you could get in touch with local AS branch. A one to one talk with someone there may give you some ideas of the better places in your area.


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Apr 16, 2012
I know nothing about Liverpool but am sure someone will come along soon who does. They'll have to send you a private message though, as we're not allowed to make recommendations on the open forum.

First of all, why were you told to look for an EMI unit? EMI means Elderly Mentally Ill and people who need EMI always have additional needs in terms of their care management such as aggression or a tendency to try and escape. If you need EMI then that's what you need and don't go for anything else because it won't work.

EMI aside, there are two basic kinds of care homes (with masses of subdivisions which can be quite subtle). Type one offers support without nursing and relies on nursing needs by using the district nurses as required. Type two (more expensive) offers nursing care which means that there should be a nurse on duty 24 hours a day. If your relative needs nursing care, you will get just over £109 per week to offset the cost which comes off the weekly fee you pay.

If you Google "Care Homes in Liverpool" loads of sites come up but this is the one I used: http://www.carehome.co.uk/care_search_results.cfm/searchunitary/Liverpool
You have to filter the result or you get every care home there is most of which won't be suitable. Then make a list of the ones that might be suitable and check the CQC site for reports.
Finally, I suggest using a check list - there are several available and visit homes using your eyes and your NOSE to see what you think. Be wary if you need to make an appointment.

Good luck, it's a very hard thing to have to do but there are nice ones out there you know:)

PS it's not always the posh ones that are the best. My MIL is in a fairly shabby home but she's very happy there and the staff are very good.


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Sep 22, 2012
I'm in Liverpool and it is a mine field some advertise EMI but then there is different criteria some don't advertise but do take dementia patients - I have a list off the SW but they all do slightly different things so you do have to do the leg work. there are also homes in neighbouring authorities - inbox me if you like and we can share information. :)


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Aug 29, 2007
SW London
I well understand how appalling it can be to see people just sitting or sleeping. When we were new to dementia and looking for a CH for my FIL we were appalled, too. But many years later my own mother is one of those 'just sitting' - the ch does provide quite a lot of activities but she is way past enjoying or wanting to participate. And indeed she is no longer able to.

We placed my FIL, who was then still very active physically, in a non EMI home because it was the only one that said they could cope without locking him in, since he would have gone mad. And they coped brilliantly. He had to move later, but that was because he needed actual nursing care.

An aunt in the more moderate stage of dementia went into a non EMI home and it was fine for a couple of years. But as her condition deteriorated she began to bother the non-dementia residents and we had to move her. This is what you risk with a non EMI home, that sooner or later aspects of their behaviour will be unacceptable to other residents (wandering into other people's rooms, helping themselves to other people's things, maybe shouting or abuse or worse). and a move will be necessary. Sometimes people do deteriorate quite fast.

So much depends IMO on the individual and what stage they're at, how active and sociable they are, etc. With my mother the only possible choice was a specialist dementia home, but then she was pretty bad before we finally made the move.


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Feb 9, 2010

My wife and I have been through this process and can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.
We have been researching care homes for a long time and have looked at a lot. This has stood us in good stead because when we went to see the last home, we just knew that this was the right place for MiL. She will be going in soon, unfortunately - a hard decision, but now necessary.
We have had conflicting advice re category of home to choose, though EMI was mentioned a lot. Others would say that she would be fine in a rresidential home for the elderly and dementia. As someone once said, the lines are blurred. One place told us that once dementia had become EMI needs, then it was all nursing need. In the end, all we could do was go with our own analysis of where we thought her needs would be best met, based upon what we saw here at home. It was indeed a minefield of confusion.
Many of the places we looked at were as you described - no interaction etc. The EMI nursing place we have chosen had a 'buzz' about it - there were things going on, entertainments that extended to evenings, a lot of staff, and a manager who had vision. We felt this would meet MiL's needs.
You can get quite a bit of info from the CQC, but unless there have been specific problems in a home the reports tend to sound much the same. Try to go and visit a lot and you will start to get a feel. We always made appointments (the one we have chosen we just dropped by as we were passing), and our own assessment of any home began right from that first phone call, and how we were spoken to.
I do hope this helps you. It is a horrible time. Good luck


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Oct 15, 2013
Care for Mum

I'm in Liverpool and it is a mine field some advertise EMI but then there is different criteria some don't advertise but do take dementia patients - I have a list off the SW but they all do slightly different things so you do have to do the leg work. there are also homes in neighbouring authorities - inbox me if you like and we can share information. :)

Hi, I'm in Liverpool looking for care home for Mum supposedly EMI residential -Mum still interested in life and sociable, long term memory excellent (I have also worked in care and know how distressing this illness can be). Problem is I am emotionally very close to Mum and live in S Devon - two brothers - one has simply had enough and will visit whenever, and the other is in poor health himself and will visit when he can.

Have found a possible care home - clean, good staff, pleasant room but so very far away from me - don't know what to do.

Any suggestions?


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Nov 8, 2012
Have found a possible care home - clean, good staff, pleasant room but so very far away from me - don't know what to do.

Maynot, I think, if you are going to be the main carer for your mum, it would be much easier for you if you moved your mum to be near you. Would that be possible at all? Your mum is going to be disoriented by moving anyway, so would it make any difference to her?

I pop in to see Mum in her CH most days. Not necessary, but she does enjoy seeing me. Sometimes I take her out for a little drive or a coffee. The doctor visits the CH twice a week and if I am worried about anything, I can be at the appointment to know what is going on.
My mum has been 'carted' off to hospital a couple of times. I can be there in 15 minutes to explain everything to the doctors (mum is deaf and very confused).

I couldn't possibly cope if my mum was far far away.

It sounds as if your instinct is telling you to bring your mum near to you. Think you should go with your instinct.:)