Lionel 'Today'


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi all, today Lionel is as happy as he can be. Now we have written to his daughter, as far as he is concerned it is set in concrete.
We have spent today watching old movies. Too cold to attempt to walk, he walks so slowly it is almost a crawl.

However his sense of humour has come to the fore today, lots of laughs. Watched "Pirates of the Caribean" tonight, he was such a scream. However now he is slumped on the sofa, no responses, no nothing. I know a lot of you know this phase.

Where is this man, what has he become. Tomorrow all he will remember is what I tell him.

Regards to all of you out there, actively caring, and to those of you who feel they have done their bit, but are still in 'limbo land'. My thoughts are with you, as are my prayers. Keep smiling, connie


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
I read your sad posting,what can I say?
Yesterday I had an awful day,today not too bad.
Thinking of you Connie,I hope tomorrow will be better for all of us,
Norman : :confused:


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Aug 10, 2004
hang in there connie ,you will remember and you just have to treasure the moments of laughter that you share together its those times that keep me going.storm