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Feb 17, 2006
Good read from that link chip ,


Mum doctor in UK use to tell me that if my mother did not control her diabetic medication that she would go mad,
(Is Uk not meant to be one of the riches country, not in mediation for AZ or cancer its not )
shame his bedside manner was so ignorant, that only when I went to Gibraltar they explained , to me , that lack of oxygen from not taking the mediation mum needed with high blood purser and diabetes , could stop the flow of oxygen to her brain that lead her to get AZ , now I read what they told me 4 years ago on that link , WHY is it that UK is so slow on understanding what leads up to AZ . who would say that outside the UK is more advice in AZ , even with GIVEING medication for AZ , like I only got mum on Exbixa , because they offered it to me in Gibraltar, It all boils down to NICE , that does not want to spend money on educating British doctor ON AZ LET ALONE GIVE ANY MEDICATION FOR IT ., something somewhere is going wrong in UK
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
This is precisely what our GP told me when I first went to see him about my husband.
He said Diabetes affects circulation, including that to the brain. If the medication wasn`t taken properly and prescribed correctly, the brain might be affected by poor circulation.
To this effect, my husband has very regular check-ups and blood tests. Unfortunately, his brain has still been affected by poor circulation.
However, I cannot blame the GP, who has always been thorough and supportive.


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
It is no surprise to me to read that cats can have dementia.
We had a cat that was 19 years old when she had to be put to sleep.
She had always been very healthy, but she started standing up corners talking to the wall, and geting lost around the house.
It was never confirmed as dementia,but I am sure that is was.

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