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Lewys Bodies Dementia


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Sep 21, 2015
In regard to the news re possible contamination from hospital surgery, I would like to add to this discussion.
My mother was confirmed by a Neurologist last year with Lewys bodies dementia, I hasten to add that getting a diagnosis for my mother was not given by NHS as we were given either no diagnosis or just dementia, my mother was suffering with very bad hallucinations, this is apparently a big symptom of Lewys, eventually we saw a private neurologist, and although the diagonosis was worse than we had thought, at least we knew.
My question in this in looking back over the year and trying to understand why! My mother had been as it was a private hospital for a routine women's operation, in 2011 she was 86yrs, on the 3rd day after the operation , my mother was Very emotional I put this down to the op. Then in May 2012 I went on holiday with her, she at that
Point having difficulty with dressing, walking and her eyes, I put this down to age.
But all these symptoms have intensified , she can no longer walk, or stand at all, can't dress herself and is currently in a care home.
I am convinced that the op. In someway started this disease in her, also I spoke to another family, her husband had Parkinson's which is the cousin of Lewys Bodies, though both present there self differently, he had also started with this after an operation, as it happens in the same private hospital
Can other people ad to this link as to whether anyone else has any experience of this .


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
I am assuming that the operations were done under a general anesthetic.
General anesthesia can have a devastating effect on people with dementia and can progress the symptoms. Not with everyone, of course, and often they recover, though not always to the same level they were at before. When mum was listed for cataract surgery recently the surgeon said he wanted to do it under local because of the risks of a GA - including advancing the dementia.
Heres an interesting link

When mum started with dementia the effects were very subtle and we all put them down to old age, although looking back I am now convinced that it was actually the first sign of dementia. If she had had a GA at this stage then it is quite likely that she would have had much worse symptoms afterwards which could not be ignored and it would seem like the GA had started the dementia. I suspect that this is what has happened to your mum.

Im sorry that your mums condition has now progressed to the point of her needing a CH. It is a terrible disease