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Lewy Body Dementia


New member
Nov 26, 2019
It is 2years since my Husbands diagnosis,the change in him is unbelievable.From walking 5 miles each day with our dogs,to mostly sleeping in the chair.I do everything for him,regarding his hygiene etc.We have aids for use at home and a walker, which he does not like using,although diplomacy usually helps.He very rarely has anything to say,and has difficulty answering questions.Does anyone else have these problems with LBD


Registered User
Jul 27, 2019
Hi anzak.. My husband was diagnosed a one and a half years ago... As you I look after all his needs.. He does have a sheath cathatar day and night but needs help with everything.. Our main problem is his mobility from the effects of parkinsons symptoms associated with LBD.. Balance and freezing when trying to move.. He is able to talk and has various interests and does manage to cope with hallucinations which have now got under control.. Of purse it's early days for us and I'm sure things will be more difficult as we go along.. I hope things improve for you and your husband... Xxx