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Levels of acceptance


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Dec 6, 2007
Thought I would share todays humorous episode.

David has been markably ill since last jan and diagnosed with FTD in Nov 07, the decline is still rapid.

We live in a small, correct cathedral city. On Sunday a friend and I took David for coffee, his favourite thing. On the way back to the car I had to do a quick chore and David distracted by now hurried ahead, as we chivied our small daughters along, David stopped, and to the expressed horror of a passing stranger, picked several sweets from the pavement and popped them into his mouth. One of my mother's old saying flashed through my mind " a little dirt won't kill you", and I had to just shrugg my shoulders and we laughed.

Explaining to two 7 year olds that you don't do everything that grown ups do may be slightly more tricky, its lucky the particular example was considered most "gross"!!!

As my father in law is fond of saying " some days are diamonds some stone"


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Sep 16, 2005
Thanks for sharing Smiles. :)
Watch out for fruit, Dad attempted eating an unpeeled banana and did manage to eat a unpeeled lychee, seed and all, as well as a couple of rocks!:eek: